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Keep Slim App

During my free time I ran across a relatively new programming framework called Flutter. Flutter is an open source framework for developing multi-platform apps. At the time of writing both Android and iOS are supported. Flutter uses dart as its coding language.

In my spare time I like to occasionally experiment with new and upcoming frameworks. Having been frustrated by most of the calorie counting apps, that make dieting feel like a chore, I decided to try and build a small calorie counting app adding some kind of gamification to the process.

Keep slim is the result of this experiment. An app that gives you a stick figure that you’ll have to try and keep slim. The app allows manual input, or pick from a list of favorites. You can set your own body “breakpoints”, these breakpoints are the points at which your stick figure will start growing.
For ease of adding food, a barcode scanner is part of this app, allowing you to get calorie information from the the open food facts.

This app will be a daily challenge, every day the stick figure will reset and you get to try and keep it slim and healthy!

Klaas Poortinga
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